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4x6 Quilts

2022, 60" x 69"

This traditional 4x6 patch pattern is a great stash buster, and is fun, quick, and easy to do. I cut my squares at 4.5" - each block calls for 2 sets of 12 contrasting squares. I like to shake up the colors so some of the colors "travel" from one block to another adjacent block to add an extra bit of visual interest. These two are lap quilt-sized, one made from plaids for my brother-in-law ("Remsen 4x6"), the other (Valentine Birthday Quilt) from pinks, reds, creams, and grays for my aunt celebrating her 94th Valentine Birthday!

Inspired by the Maggie Pearl Quilt Pattern from Penelope Handmade and an adaptation by @quiltingaimeebees; patchwork was sized differently as was block make-up: 4x6 instead of 4x7.


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