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Size: 87 x 87”

Dream Cotton Batting - Request Loft

When my out-of-town friend Cindy makes an extended house call, we challenge ourselves with a new quilt project. This pattern, adapted from “Sea Glass Quilt” by Michelle Hart of Baby Got Bobbin, was 2021’s project.

To make a full-sized quilt, I added roughly twice as many blocks as recommended in the pattern, and instead of using six different fabrics, I used six+ different color families. Just four blocks are used: Half Square Triangles, a HST with a Stripe, a Quarter Square Triangle, and a combo of a HST and QST - all basic building blocks in traditional quilting. A border of smaller HST dancing around the edge finished the quilt. To complement the basic elements, a basic serpentine stitch was used to machine quilt it.

I continue to try to use up older fabric to construct my backings, but it is no use: the fabrics continue to multiply in the cabinets when I am not looking.

Machine pieced and Stationary Machine Quilted with a walking foot.


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