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A quilt is a special and unique gift for nearly any occasion or person - including yourself. There's nothing cozier than wrapping up in your own American-made quilt! Quilts are not for beds only - they also provide warm yet stunning focal points hanging on walls or artfully draped over furniture in your home or office.

Pricing Guidelines for Custom Quilts

While pricing for a custom quilt might seem intimidating, remember the factors that go into the making of a special-order quilt. These artisan-made art works are made with quilt-quality natural threads, battings, and fabrics, and often involve the investment of a considerable amount of labor. Made with your specifications in mind, each piece also includes a sleeve for easy hanging, and a label that includes details that will establish the history and provenance of the quilt. Purchasing a quilt is an investment in the future!

Plan ahead when ordering; custom-made quilts may take several months to complete. Contact Lorry for questions or pricing about any of the below options. And don't forget to check Quilts for Sale for quick and easy purchases of already completed quilts!


For non-miniature quilts that involve simple traditional piecing (12 pieces per square foot or less) and simple quilting (all-over straight or wavy grid), the price equals $.20 per square inch.

Examples of Basic Quilts are Red Cross Quilt, Summer Dreams, and Felicitations (shown at right).



For non-miniature quilts that involve more elaborate traditional piecing (more than 12 pieces per square foot) or traditional applique and basic machine quilting (all-over straight, wavy grid, or other simple pattern), the price equals $.25 per square inch.

Examples of Moderate Quilts are Wedding Blessings (shown at right), Greatest Hits of the 90s, and Big Sister.

Wedding Blessings1.jpg

Specialized Quilts

For non-miniature quilts that are customized with a pieced or appliqued design (based on original or traditional patterns) and custom quilting (feathers, echo, other motifs), the prices start at $.40 per square inch.

Examples of Original Art Quilts are Sweet Patootie, Manta Dreams (shown at right), and True Blue Melon.

Show Ribbon Quilts

Enjoy the ribbons you've won in competitions by showcasing them in a special wallhanging. Sizes are approximate, but approximately 3 ribbon tails are need for every 6 square inches. "Competition Memories," pictured at right, was made with ~125 ribbons and measures 46" x 47". Prices for ribbon quilts are $.40 per square inch, and each comes with a sleeve for easy hanging.

T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt quilts are a great way to remember a special person, and can be made into wall hangings or bed quilts. For a 45" x 45" wall hanging, approximately 9-10 tees are required; for a bed quilt, plan on 25-36 T-shirts. Prices for T-shirt quilts are $.20 per square inch.

Examples of T-shirt quilts are In Memory of Mom and Suiting Hayley to a 'T'.

Portrait Quilts

Creating a portrait in fabric and thread brings an expressive flair to a subject's personality. (An absolute must for beginning is a good photograph.) Prices for these unique art pieces are $2 per square inch.

Examples of portrait quilts are 21 (shown at right), 18, The Good Guy, Adirondack Afternoon, Golden Girls, and Here, Mom!

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