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Lucky Mother

2019. Each 82" x 82".

When cutting out the pieces for "Lucky Wife," I doubled what was originally needed - I really loved those fabrics. What's one going to do, though, with two fraternal twin-looking quilts? Luckily, I have two daughters and Christmas was coming. This hand-pieced quilt top was finished just before Thanksgiving, leaving me approximately three weeks to finish the machine quilting, a process that usually takes me several months. And, JUST because, I had not one but two sewing machines break down within the first two days of quilting. Stressing, much? You know it! Luckily, a third machine did the trick, and Lucky Mother was finished in the nick of time the day before the recipient came home for the holidays. I'm so happy both "Lucky" quilts are off to good homes. Hand-pieced and machine-quilted.


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