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Marilyn Embroidered

2021, 87" x 87"

The next few entries in my 2021 series of making quilts from odd or alternative collections will be quilts made from embroidered squares. Lucky me - Chenango Piecemaker Sandy Van Pelt gifted me 17 blocks embroidered by her mother, Marilyn Crowther; 16 of the blocks found their way into this quilt. Since the blocks were different sizes, I sashed them all to finish 21” square before machine piecing them into a 4x4 setting. A diagonal grid was machine quilted throughout to secure the stitches at regular intervals.

After collecting fabric (a completely different hobby from quilting) for over 30 years, my cabinets are bursting. So, older scraps and fat quarters are being employed to make backings. They’re not always pretty, but they use up a fair amount of fabric. Plus, I thought using them would make room for new cottons (the collecting continues), but the 40+ fat quarters used here barely made a dent!


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