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The First Sixty Years: A Quilted Autobiography

2018. 52" x 63".

Since 2018 was a milestone birthday year, I was determined to "write" and finish my autobiography before the close of the year. (I made the deadline, but it was close.) Since I am a librarian and a life-long reader, Angela Pingel's "Book Nerd Quilt" pattern was a perfect choice to adapt for this project. Each original book title reflects an aspect of my life, interests, or personality, and an accompanying Dewey call number had to adorn the spine of the book, 'natch. A label on the back of each book is a reminder that I've been very fortunate to travel to many wonderful places on this planet. Quilting patterns include the names of family and friends, past and present; the borders and sashings are quilted with sentiments: "One Chapter Closes...Another Begins...So Goes the Book of Life" and "Love Overflows and Joy Never Ends in a Life that Is Blessed with Family and Friends." Machine pieced and quilted.


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