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Wedding Bouquets


88" x 89"

This cheery design ("The Seamstress" from Laundry Baskets Quilts) reminded me of my cheerful niece, so when she announced her engagement, this pattern seemed perfect for a quilted present for the upcoming wedding. Best wishes and much love to Emily and Kevin!

The original pattern called for making 80 4 1/2” machine-pieced Lemoyne Stars. Umm, no. Tiny little set-in seams, no matter how accurately cut, turn into raveled, puckered, and shredded little wrecks in my sweaty hands when I use the machine. So I changed them into stars constructed of tiny little half-square triangles which I could make much more accurately. Specifically, each block had 12 little half-square triangles that finished to 1 ⅛”. Yup, that’s a total of 960 teeny, tiny, little 1 ⅛” triangles. Good thing we love quilting. I mean, good thing we love quilting!

Anyway, despite tiny stars, borders that kept growing, wonky diamond star centers, fabric dye that ran under the steam of the iron, and a zillion applique pieces, the quilt was eventually and happily completed in plenty of time for the wedding. Thank heavens for long engagements!

Machine pieced, appliqued, and quilted. Dream Cotton Batting.


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