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This quilt is perfect for baby swaddling, cuddling, and snuggling. Made from all-natural cotton fabrics and batting and featuring a gently curvy quilting stitch that creates extra pockets of warmth, this is a perfect way to share your love with a special child.  Includes a hanging sleeve on the back. 34.5” x 47.5”

Elements Baby Quilt

  • The material and batting used in your quilt are 100% cotton.


    Wash on a gentle cycle in tepid water with a color-catch product and non-detergent soap. For antique quilts, use a product like Retro Clean made especially for old textiles. Dry on low heat.

    To prevent fading, do not expose quilt to full sunlight. Close shades for those times of day when sunlight falls on bed.

    To store, fold quilt along bias (diagonals) to prevent permanent creases. Wrap quilt in fabric or place in pillowcase. Do not store in tightly sealed plastic, or place quilt directly on a wooden surface.

    Should you care to display your quilt on a wall, it is made with a sleeve on the back for hanging.  A dowel can be inserted through the tube of the sleeve; never insert thumb-tacks or nails through the quilt layers.

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